Stalwart Ranch was founded in 1993 at Phelps, Texas.

Atterbury Dvision - Crockett, Texas
Moon Division - Madisonville, Texas
Willis Division - Willis, Texas

The Willis Ranch was acquired in 1995 and additional acreage has been purchased in Madisonville Texas for development of our bulls and heifers.. Locals know us as the place with the green fence due to our 2/12 mile of green pipe and cable fence fronting Longstreet and Interstate 45. We have tried to sensibly acquire the best and this can be seen in our cattle herd with substantial acquisitions from the 3G, Star J, MTG and Sproul dispersals. These core purchases have been supplemented with the purchase of many powerful individual animals that have been added to our herds. We have added the Hickerson Herd and half of the Southgate Herd.

Stalwart Registered Herd consist of over 750 females.

In 1994 a small but high quality commercial cattle herd was established using Brangus type females and Hereford bulls. In 1995, we purchased our first registered Brangus cattle at the 3G and Star J dispersal sales.

Bill Cawley joined us as a consultant late in 1995. I had asked Bill to guide me in producing a sizeable but high quality registered Brangus herd. Bill, being the no-nonsense person he is, stressed the commitment necessary in producing the sort of quality herd I envisioned. By this time, I already appreciated Bill's, what to some extent may have appeared to me as an over-critical eye in culling of my herd. But I accepted his approach as the means to the end. Shortly after this, we agreed to work together on a full-time basis.

Since this time, the herd has grown in both numbers and quality. This has been achieved by the acquisition of good animals, a first generation breeding program, and embryo transplant program, and a herd culling of our herd and calf crop. We have enjoyed many successes in the show ring, including several National & International Champion Bulls and Females, and All Breeds Supreme Champion Bull. The cattle we are producing are strong and functional and the demand we have for herd bulls and show animals gives credit to our program.

At our Midway Ranch our Herd Sire prospects and Range Bulls are for sale at all times.

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